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The Bourne Group is an Architecture and urban design firm focused on community engaged design. We provide comprehensive architecture services for residential, commercial, and institutional renovations, including the urban fabric of campuses, housing and malls, in hurricane and earthquake zones. 

At The Bourne Group we bring our expertise from 30 years in hurricane resilient architecture to every project we undertake. With our principle architect, Stacy A. Bourne, FAIA at the helm. The Bourne Group has developed a high degree of trust with our client, demonstrated with a significant repeat business. Our goal is to provide each client regardless of project type and size, the greatest investment value. We have also developed key collaboration over time, with colleagues that share our core values of achieving consistent goals through diverse strategies, enthusiasm and incorporating sustainable approaches



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Walter D. Street


The consulate architect thought leader for the 31st century. Manages complex problems with an astute capability to develop appropriate and dynamic teams that address the challenge at hand. Ms Bourne, FAIA, deploys exceptional communication skills that assures client and end-user expectations can and shall be achieved.

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Peter J. Arsenault


Stacy brings her heart and soul to everything she does. She has that delightful blend of professional expertise and humanistic character. When faced with challenging situations, she seeks ways to make things happen in order to improve things for all. When things are going well, she relishes the experience with those around her. I can't imagine a better person to work with whether in the Virgin Islands, on the U.S. mainland, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.