The Bourne Group

Our Mission

“Social Change” You Ask?
Our health is greatly influenced by the places we work, eat and play every day. The Bourne Group is committed to improving public safety, arts, culture, health and welfare for all, through design. In the wake of a hurricane, there can be road damage, power outages, gasoline shortages and many other emergencies, which in turn impact employment, childcare and life in general.
We believe that before disaster strikes, we can mitigate some negative effects to property, enabling faster return to normalcy. We do this by being intentional about the way we design buildings and by taking the needs of the community into consideration.
As architects, we have a significant role in improving the quality of life in our communities. As citizens of our society, we can be the cause of positive social change by raising public awareness of critical social and environmental issues. In addition, we can help to solve problems and address situations by setting strategic goals and implementation plans. By incorporating resilient strategies into architectural design, we can create opportunities that sustain and grow our communities. 

The Bourne Group prioritizes building meaningful relationships with community stakeholders. This means doing our due diligence to ensure the voices of the residents are respected and they reap the benefits of social change. Our collaborative projects have varied in different ways but continue to demonstrate how working as a unified team can achieve big goals.