by Stacy Bourne FAIA

Hurricane Preparedness

Nature's Rhythm

While we are aware of hurricanes, the magnitude of their impact can escape some of us. This leaves us vulnerable when strong winds start. The reality is that nature has a rhythm.

Marine Life

Have you ever wondered what marine life does during a hurricane while humans prepare food and water stockpiles and construct underground shelters?

Eco System

Hurricanes cause a cascade of direct and indirect ecological responses ranging from immediate to long-term by changing environmental conditions in coastal habitats.


It can cause property damage, disrupt the local economy, pollute water and air, change soil composition, erode coastlines and beaches, destroy coastal habitats, and force people to relocate.

Sea Level Rising

The combination of sea level rise and hurricanes poses a significant threat to ecosystems and communities in coastal areas.

Climate Change

Hurricanes are atmospheric phenomena that are formed in tropical oceans where temperatures are relatively high, around 140°F - 180°F (60°C - 80°C).


MICDS Winter 2023

Stacy Bourne ’85 leaves her mark on her surroundings as an architect, and on everyone around her as a mentor. (see page 24)

Shoppe Black

Stacy A. Bourne FAIA is the founder of The Bourne Group, a Black-owned architecture, and urban design firm on a mission to build resilient spaces and inspire social change, through collaborative design.


Stacy is passionate about advancing Diversity and inclusion opportunities for under-represented groups in the profession and building relationships with other organization. (see page 13)

Beyond The Built Environment

Ms. Bourne pioneered the fertile exchange of ideas and experiences with architects of the Caribbean and AIA


Award of Merit

The Missouri Minority Business Development Agency congratulates Stacy Bourne!

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